Candies Table

The Candies Table

December 10, 2013

Sure, the wedding cake is a tried and true part of weddings since before any of us can remember. But why give your guests one measly piece of cake when you could let them indulge in a buffet full of candy? A candy table is the latest trend in wedding desserts, and it’s not difficult to figure out why. It can be as casual or upscale as you like, it’s the perfect accent to any reception venue, it’s fun and personal, and most importantly it will leave your guests enchanted and sweetly sated.  Here’s how to make your candy buffet the talk of the town.

Choose Your Sweets

Remember candies and sweets come in every shape, size and delectability, so take your guests, venue and design into account, then choose your treats accordingly. For an outdoor, casual wedding full of light and color, you might want to go for a rainbow of whimsical variety with bright rock candy, every hue of jelly bean, gummies, silly-shaped chocolates, lollipops, gumballs, striped candy canes and a chocolate fountain with marshmallows and fruit. An indoor, more upscale formal event could call for candies such as toffees, exquisite varieties of chocolate bars, biscotti cookies, decorative chocolate-covered pretzels and strawberries, macaroons, pastry puffs and sugar or yogurt coated nuts and raisins.


Like your sweet selection, your design can match your wedding. For something casual and playful, arrange your colorful candies in clear jars of every shape and size like an old candy store. A more upscale look could present your desserts in classy giant martini glasses or on small decorative plates arranged on different levels over an expansive, dramatically lit table. Custom-order candies or candy wrappers to stick within your color scheme. Only choosing candies of two or three colors also creates a striking design. Another fun idea is to put two or three different candy containers at each individual table as centerpieces so guests can mix and match as they mingle between tables.

Like Kids in Candy Stores!

Once you’ve decided on your sweets and display, get ready to let sweet teeth run wild. Prepare fun dessert plates, plastic bags, or oversized wine glasses where guests can collect their treats. Make sure every separate serving dish has a decorative scooper so fingers don’t dirty the delights, then step back and let the inner child in all your guests pick and choose from the tasty array. As guests are leaving, give them an artsy, monogrammed bag and ask them to peruse the buffet again for an edible wedding favor.