strike a pose photo booth

Capturing the Emotion of Your Guests

April 6, 2016

A wedding is just one day, so everyone knows photos are a great way of capturing the excitement and emotion for years to come. The professional photographer usually does a great job of snapping the couple, but pics of your friends and family members celebrating with you will be great mementos going forward.

In the past, couples used to leave disposable cameras at tables for guests to point and shoot, but the chance in finding a gem amongst those blurry, low-quality shots is rare, especially when kids get their hands on them. Plus, the cost of developing film is going up steadily.

Instead, a fun, plucky alternative can be to get a photo booth. Photo booth rentals are becoming popular at wedding receptions –not only do you get too see everyone in their finest for your big day, but they can take home a quality memory from the wedding.

Photo booth rentals are different in size and output. Some give guests prints of their pictures right away, in the traditional photo booth setting, with the four black and white prints on one single strand. This is a great way to give guests a souvenir right away, especially because it’s a unique type of print.

Other photo booths just continuously shoot throughout the night, and provide the couple with a digital record of all the shots taken. Then, guests could go to an online database to choose which photos they want and print them at their own convenience.

The newest innovation in photo booths is a flip book, which is more interactive and involves a true keepsake for everyone. With a flip book, a representative from the company is on hand, acting as kind of a mini-director encouraging guests to perform skits or don playful costumes. At the end, it’s put together into a video and everyone receives a copy.

One fun way to really spice up the photos is to supply props like goofy hats, accessories, or fake mustaches for guests to poke around with. A chalkboard or dry erase board is also fun, so family and friends can doodle a special message or sentiment and capture it on film. A giant, decorative frame is another fun prop to create the picture-within-a-picture look.

When deciding on a rental, choose one where you can really customize it, if you’d like. You could ask for the background to be matching the colors of the wedding, or add your names or the date to a sign at the top of the photo. But no matter how basic it is, your family and loved ones smiling faces will make it a truly personal memory!