Tips to Choosing your Wedding Gown

February 22, 2017

Never before has wedding gowns been so diverse. Today a bride can purchase a gown, rent a gown wear her moms’ or best friends gown or even her favorite non wedding looking gown. Short, long, pants whatever your desire is the trend.

Today’s brides will go to gown shopping with not only their mom and maid of honor but even dads, friends and aunts. Those close to her and who she trust and wants their opinion.

Many brides today will even have 2 gowns to wear. Another dress for the ceremony and one for the reception. The ceremony gown is a slightly more formal, long gown as she becomes a wife and the formal photography l dress. Then comes the party! Brides will changes into her party gown. Most party gowns can be a short white dress and with comfortable shoes. Or it can be a formal gown but one that she feels is more for dancing and partying. A non form fitting gown. However anything goes. Perhaps a bride could not decide between two gowns so this is how she can enjoy the gowns that got her to say YES!

Trends for gowns are what make you happy. What you want. How you see yourself on your wedding day. From the sleeveless or strapless body fitting gown to the princess full gown to the semi covered up conservative look like Kate Middleton look.

When choosing a gown also consider your wedding theme, Many rustic themes the brides mom or best friend can be the perfect dress. A ballroom princess gown does not fit the theme as much as a vintage look. What about the destination wedding gown. A sleek simple flowing gown for the ocean breeze look or outdoor rustic wedding with boots to tie in your theme.

Color or no color, white off white cream what do you do? Many gowns come in several color choices with red, green blue or black accents.

But what’s the most important part of a gown? That answer is simple. What makes you feel like a princess. What makes you feel like your dream look came true?

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