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Engagement Ring Do’s and Dont’s

October 18, 2017

So you’re ready to buy an engagement ring. Congratulations! We understand this is a big purchase, which is why we want to help you feel as prepared as possible before deciding on a ring. Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind while ring shopping, and you’ll be A-OK:

Do conduct research beforehand. It’s important to not only be familiar with what new trends are out there, but to get an idea of what your fiance likes before stepping foot in a jewelry store. There are so many different elements to consider when purchasing a ring. What gemstone is your fiance’s favorite? Does your fiance like round-cut diamonds? Or does she prefer a pear-shaped moissanite? Think about what type of jewelry she wears on a regular basis, as it could be a good indication of what engagement ring she might like. Does she tend to wear vintage pieces? Or does she opt for simple, gold jewelry?

If your fiance hasn’t been dropping subtle hints as to what she likes, or if she doesn’t wear much jewelry at all, you might want to consider spending an afternoon looking at rings together. You can also ask friends and family who know your fiance well – they can help point you in the right direction.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. And lots of them. There is no such thing as a dumb question when shopping for engagement rings – especially considering how big of a purchase this is. As you’re researching rings, start writing down any questions that come up so you can ask the jeweler when the time comes.

Do shop around. Take your time. This ring is going to be on her finger forever. Don’t feel like you have to rush to a store, pick out the first diamond you see and pull out your wallet. Instead, shop around to determine where you’re going to get the best price and quality.

Don’t forget the four C’s, which can help you get the highest quality ring for the best price. The four C’s are made up of color, clarity, cut and carat.

  • Color: Diamonds are on a color scale that ranges from D to Z. D diamonds are colorless, and as you go down the spectrum, diamonds get more yellow.
  • Clarity: Gemstones come with imperfections, which makes each one unique. Clarity determines how many or little imperfections and blemishes stones have. Keep in mind that not all imperfections can be seen with the naked eye.
  • Cut: Cut refers to the way a gem is shaped and faceted. Stones will reflect differently based on their cut. Popular shapes include round brilliant cut, princess cut, cushion cut, radiant cut, marquise cut, oval cut and more.
  • Carat: Carat indicates the weight of the stone. As the carat increases, so does the price.

Do ask around. Friends or family members who have gone through the process of buying a ring before may be the perfect people to ask for advice.

Don’t break your budget. We’ve all heard this one before: “You should spend two to three months salary on an engagement ring.” Would you like to know what you should spend? Here’s the answer: Spend what you can afford. There are easy ways to save money, while still getting a beautiful ring in return. For example, going down from two carats to 1.8 won’t make much of a visual difference, but you’ll be pocketing a little more cash.

Do stay up-to-date on the latest trends. This post would not be complete without sharing the latest and greatest trends in engagement rings and wedding rings so you can start your search feeling like a pro. Here are a few trends to keep your eye out for when it comes to rings and wedding bands:

  • Colored stones: Yellow and pink diamonds are popular, but other stones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds are gaining popularity for their unique hues.
  • Square bands: That’s right – it’s cool to be square. Not only are square bands unique, they tend to fit more comfortably on the finger.
  • Mixed metals: Can’t decide between rose gold and platinum? How about both? You can also use a wedding band to introduce a different metal. The same goes for men’s wedding bands! Mixing metals is an easy way to personalize the ring.
  • Stacking: What’s better than one wedding band? Several! Thin bands worn stacked together with an engagement ring gives a little extra sparkle.
  • East-west settings: With this setting, the stone sits horizontally on the band rather than vertically, offering a unique spin to the ring.
  • Classic: Simple, classic wedding bands like platinum or gold will never go out of style for men.
  • Diamond bands: Believe it or not, women aren’t the only ones sporting diamonds on their fingers. Wedding bands with small diamond accents are becoming a popular option for men.
  • Silicone bands: For men who frequently work with their hands or have a more active lifestyle, consider a silicone wedding band, which are extremely flexible and durable. Plus, they come in a variety of colors!

At the end of the day, no matter which ring you choose, it’s all about what that ring represents. Love. Happy ring shopping!

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