Five Ways to Summer Proof Your Makeup

5 Ways to Summer-Proof Your Makeup

July 18, 2018

Summer is a beautiful wedding season, full of sun and warmth and sun-kissed glowing skin. It’s also the time of 100+ degree temps, suffocating humidity and let’s face it, some serious sweat. But even cool-weather brides-to-be should take note. No matter the season, with layers of satin and lace surrounding you, photographers running you from one place to another, not to mention dancing and cocktails, there’s just as many melting makeup dangers threatening your picture-perfect wedding day. We put together five quick tips for keeping your makeup sharp and clean on your big day.

1. Prime like there’s no tomorrow.

Before you or your Makeup Artist grabs any brushes, lay the perfect foundation for a lasting look. Start with a pore minimizer, that will help keep your face from getting oily. From there you can cool your skin down with some rose water, fresh from the fridge, an oil controlling moisturizer and finally a good quality primer. Primer is KEY to getting your eyes on point, so splurge on a high-quality eye primer that will provide the perfect canvas for your lovely liner and shadow color.

2. Skip the powder, grab the paper.

When your face feels sweaty don’t powder it up, this won’t only make wrinkles more pronounced but can give you a chalky look. Blotting paper is a much better choice so be sure to stash some in your essentials bag that you have access to throughout your big day and use it before you take photos. Powders are also a no-go when it comes to contour and eyes as well. Opt for creams for your eye shadow, blush and highlighters for a more natural look.

Five Ways to Summer Proof Your Makeup

3. Tone it up.

A toning mist can refresh your makeup giving you a dewy fresh face and actually cool your skin in the process. On that note, higher end mineral makeup is a good option to go with because not only does moisture (like sweat) enhance it, but you can always spray a mist of toner or water to give your color a recharge. This is particularly useful when you have to look ravishing around the clock on your wedding day.

4. Meet your new BFF: Water Resistant Eye Makeup!

Okay, maybe water resistant eyeliner and mascara have been your go-to for years, but it’s essential on your wedding day. A few sweat-tested options include Urban Decay’s Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara and Blinc Liquid Eyeliner ($26 from

5. Lighten up.

Smokey eyes might be dramatic and sexy, but one smudge in the wrong direction can be a disaster. Instead, opt for lighter colors, think the colors of the season – pinks, creams, tans – you’ll worry far less about getting dark blue and black under your eyes.

Five Ways to Summer Proof Your Makeup

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