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Say “Thank You” with a Handmade Gift from Artisans With Disabilities

February 20, 2020

No one bride or groom can pull together a wedding on their own.  It’s a HUGE task to take on and it often takes all of our friends and families to contribute their time and effort into creating a day we’ll never forget.  So how do you thank them for all their hard work?  Here’s a great idea that comes with its own special meaning.

Coletta Collections is a nonprofit organization based in Washington DC that works with kids and adults with intellectual disabilities in developing their talents in an effort for them to live a full and independent life.  To that end, their participants who show an affinity for the arts have created a number of crafts such as fused glass tableware, jewelry and hand woven table linen and accessories. In addition to being proud of what they’ve made, the shops offer them the opportunity to learn retail skills and have daily community integration. Each item is handmade in the USA by participants of their many programs.

Here are some samples of what’s available…

Hand crafted fused glass tableware and décor including bowls, plates, serving dishes and coasters in beautiful colors, shapes and sizes.  They also offer fun décor items like candle holders and lanterns.

Unique, hand-woven and dyed scarves and hand woven bags are created from various materials in numerous colors and styles.

The beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets at Coletta Collections are truly one-of-a-kind. This unique, handmade jewelry is made from glass, semi-precious stones and beads in various styles and colors.

While I was pulling together a registry, my Mom had a really good point. When you receive gifts, you’ll remember who you got them from. And every time you use it, it will bring great memories back about that person. So consider that as you think of what to get your friends and family a token of your appreciation.  Give a gift that not only expresses your thanks but that also creates a memory AND supports a great cause!

Visit Coletta Collections to shop their store and learn more about their program.

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